Kargman Associates - International restructuring advisors, cross-border insolvency, distressed debt, non-performing loans (NPL)
Kargman Associates - International restructuring advisors, cross-border insolvency, distressed debt, non-performing loans (NPL)
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Services Provided |

Assessing the restructuring landscape to determine whether a restructuring solution is a likely and feasible outcome with a given debtor


Developing realistic but ambitious timetables for achieving key milestones


Advising on organizing well-functioning creditors committees and managing inter-creditor relations


Considering whether to make a restructuring an issue in public arena, and if so, how to do so effectively


Providing a reality check as to whether restructuring process is making meaningful progress


Assessing acceptability and feasibility of proposed restructuring plans and developing alternative proposals


Considering whether to pursue alternatives to out- of- court, “consensual” restructuring process


Advising on International Restructurings, Cross-Border Insolvencies and Related Situations |

Corporate Debt Restructurings


Sovereign Debt Restructurings


Project Finance Restructurings (e.g., restructuring of infrastructure projects such as power projects, toll roads, airports,ports, oil & gas projects, etc.)


Cross-Border Insolvencies


Distressed Debt Investments


Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)/Troubled Loan Portfolios


International Debt Recovery


Post-Disbursement Monitoring of Complex Loan and Project Finance Exposures


Insolvency Law Reform


Corporate Governance Reform


Geographic Focus |

International restructurings and cross-border insolvencies around the globe


Focus on emerging markets

> Latin America

> Asia

> Central and Eastern Europe/Southern Europe/CIS

> Africa


Other Services |

Operational Turnaround and Improvement

  • Facilities, Asset and Product Rationalization
  • Corporate/Business Unit Strategy
  • Working Capital Improvements
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration

Training Seminars/Lectures—topics include international debt restructurings, non-performing loans (NPLs), emerging markets/developing countries, international insolvency law and cross-border insolvency, sovereign debt, commercial law reform, reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), corporate governance and economic development, etc.


Expert Witness (e.g., prepared expert report and testified as expert witness in trial in US District Court for Southern District of New York re international project finance matter and served as expert advisor in arbitration matter re global distressed debt/NPLs)


Government Advisory—advise international and national government bodies on policy and transactional issues, including NPL policy and practices, commercial law reform (e.g., insolvency law, secured transactions law, corporate governance, etc.), reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), disposition of distressed assets, etc.


International Asset Recovery—advise on tracing and seizing assets in cross-border insolvency and fraud situations and develop and coordinate legal strategies across multiple jurisdictions.


Due Diligence—conduct due diligence with respect to new investments and new loans or acquisition of existing investments and/or loans, providing advice and analysis with respect to potential risk factors (e.g., deficiencies in legal framework, role of local investors/shareholders, regulatory obstacles, etc.).


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