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KARGMAN ASSOCIATES provides strategic advice to clients involved in
complex and challenging international restructurings, cross-border
insolvencies, and distressed debt situations.


The firm develops practical, creative and pro-active strategies and
solutions for addressing the challenges of international restructurings.


The firm advises clients on how to most effectively manage the
restructuring process.


The firm works with clients to achieve their key objectives, particularly
maximizing recovery for creditors.


The firm offers independent and objective advice tailored to the needs and
goals of each individual client.


The firm recognizes that restructurings are interdisciplinary
exercises—involving financial, business and legal components—and provides
clients with an integrated and comprehensive approach.


As the need arises, the firm will draw on its relationships with other
professional service providers to address specialized, technical tasks. - - +1 (212) 286-1500 - ©2010 Kargman Associates - All Rights Reserved
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